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Wrapping Up a Season of Giving


Last November, we kicked off our holiday season by creating a program to fight hunger in America. We asked for your help, and you answered!

The Lindsay Olives’ Santa Cause Food Drive challenged our customers, fans and community to organize local food drives to help stock local food banks. Girl Scout Troops, Student Councils, and Boys And Girls Clubs from across the country participated, donating over 7 tons of food to programs in need!

In 2011, significant federal funding was cut from food programs nationwide. Food banks continue to struggle, but together, we stepped up and made a difference.

The winner of our Santa Cause contest was a Girl Scout Troop of just 3, hailing from Gridley, CA, who donated over 1,500 pounds of food to the Presbyterian Community Food Closet. That’s over 500 pounds of food collected per person! They’ve won the $3,000 prize to purchase equipment, supplies, or to fund a program for their school. Congratulations on a great effort!

We received some fantastic testimonials from participants in the program. Cynthia Rosales, organizer of a student council group in Pico Rivera, CA, had this to say:

“This was an extremely valuable experience for the children that I work with, as well as for me. As we met every day to check expiration dates, log ounces and box up cans, our conversations began to shift. We started out with, “I hope we win. I hope we get the prize.” Within a couple of days, we had moved on to different topics: What does it really mean to be fortunate? What do you really need to get by in life? How can you make a difference in someone’s life? How much power do children have to change things? We had some great conversations, and the children amazed me every day with their compassion, their enthusiasm, and their desire to help in whatever way they could.”

And with your support of our “Buy One, Give One” program, Lindsay Olives donated 4,800 cans of olives to local food banks! We’d like to extend a big thank you to our wonderful community of olive lovers for helping us help those in need.

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    [...] collected and donated over 1,500 pounts of food to the Presbyterian Food Closet!  The best part: Lindsay Olives is donating $3,000 to the troop in recognition of their [...]